About the institution

It was founded by Abbas Omar Badaoud, and it started its work by providing exceptional services in the field of supplying, installing and maintaining CCTV cameras, then the company developed rapidly thanks to the values of the work team represented in accuracy, quality and always looking to provide the best, and the company’s specializations increased to more than 6 specialties now are network solutions, hardware fingerprint and presence, supply and installation of exchanges, development of accounting software, in addition to developing websites and mobile applications; We have proven in both of them the extent of our competence and the quality of our work, which qualifies us for leadership as an integrated technical institution.

Our Values

Integrity, responsibility, accuracy, quality, distinction, and respect.

Our Mission

To be a leading technical foundation in the Middle East by the testimony of our customers.

Our Vision

To become one of the largest and leading technical institutions the Middle East.

Our Goals:

  • Providing the latest and finest products and services in our various and diverse disciplines with the best and fastest way.
  • Providing the best possible experience for our clients, whether before or after the sale.
  • Follow-up with the global development in the technical fields in an effort to provide the best for our customers.