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If you are looking for the best mobile application design company in Jeddah, as well as the best website design company in Saudi Arabia, then you are in the right place.

Cloud Era is one of the best application design companies in Jeddah, as well as one of the best web design companies in Saudi Arabia, where we are distinguished by providing mobile application development and design apps for companies, individuals and various institutions at the highest level, and we work to provide applications for all smart phones that run on IOS systems as well as systems Android.

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In the clouds era, we seek to become the best mobile application design company, by providing the best and finest services that help you achieve your current and future goals. We take your requests carefully to deliver them to the end.

Our vision

Our vision also follows the path of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision, as we strive to make life more luxurious and comfortable through our services. We also strive to become pioneers in the field of designing and building mobile applications, keeping pace with the development and demands of the times.

Our Mission

To be a link for mutual giving between two parties, and a reason to make things easier and simpler, and a door of livelihood and a means of profit for our workers, in order to achieve full integration for customers and delegates.

Our purpose

We aspire to achieve the greatest degree of satisfaction for our customers, by providing fast, secure and always available service to meet your various requirements and needs and to become the best mobile application design company in Jeddah, as well as the best website design company in Saudi Arabia.

Application sections

With long experience and a distinguished team, Clouds Era is considered the best mobile application creation company, which seeks to provide the most powerful and latest designs in the field of developing and creating mobile applications, through which we seek to provide elegant, easy and high-quality services. Among the most important areas in which we work:

Government applications

We are distinguished by designing high-efficiency mobile applications through the latest software systems

Institutional and corporate applications

We contribute to creating professional mobile applications that help institutions and companies achieve their various goals

educational applications

We are distinguished by designing mobile applications that support different educational platforms and facilitate access to its various services.

Store and real estate applications

We provide the service of developing electronic store applications related to various payment methods, as well as providing real estate applications with high professionalism.

Restaurant and delivery applications

We are working on programming mobile applications suitable for restaurants, stores, and delivery services, while providing a flexible and easy control panel.

Customized applications

You can provide us with the details of the application you want and we are ready to implement it in the best possible way and according to the latest technologies.

Testimonials we proud of

تركيب سنترالات

“Specialized in installing and maintaining modern CCTV cameras, installing a fingerprint device, and installing telephone exchanges. As well as providing various network solutions. They have an integrated team that has the expertise that makes you trust the results you will get.”

Mohamed Hassan Executive Director of Al-Saeedi Foundation
تركيب سنترالات

“It was a wonderful experience with Clouds Era. You rarely find a team that understands what you want and implements it better than what you want.”

Fatima Abdel Razzak Director of Human Resources at the Arab Development Corporation
تركيب سنترالات

“Clouds era is one of the few institutions that are interested in being distinguished in their work. They are working on installing modern CCTV cameras, as well as installing an advanced fingerprint device, in addition to designing wired and wireless networks .. Thank you.”

Ahmed Hossam Marketing Manager at Miram Company

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