The most services we provide:

We provide an integrated technical solution with high quality. We are also distinguished by technical support and after-sales service through a group of the elite experienced engineers and technicians.

Installing smart home systems

With the Cloud Era foundation, you will change your lifestyle by installing advanced smart home systems through which you can easily manage and monitor many devices at home.

Installation and maintenance of CCTV cameras

Specialized in selling, supplying, installing and maintaining modern and advanced CCTV cameras through a team of professionals in the field of CCTV systems and specialized in installing different CCTV cameras.

Installing electronic gates

We seek, in clouds era, to ease your lifestyle by installing modern and advanced electronic gates of high quality that suit all your needs, wherever they are.

Network Solutions

We specialize in equipping and building data centers, as well as designing the infrastructure for wired and wireless networks that suits the needs of your organization, and providing various technical consultations.

Supply and installation of exchanges

We work on supplying, installing and maintaining various exchange devices (telephone exchanges) and call center systems through a team of experienced and efficient communications engineers and the latest advanced tools and equipment.

Installing fingerprint devices

We provide the latest and best attendance and departure systems (fingerprint systems) at prices that suits everyone in accordance with the latest technology. We also offer special offers for contracts and ongoing maintenance.

Website design and mobile application programming

We derive our strength from the strength of our team, which has great experience in the field of designing and programming websites, as well as programming mobile applications, as we work to provide the fastest, most innovative and advanced web solutions.