What do we offer you in Clouds Era?

Clouds Era is considered the best company for installing CCTV cameras. We have a license from the Higher Authority for Industrial Security and Civil Defense, license number 2050602818, and we are distinguished by the following:


Quality and experience

We rely on the finest types of materials, international brands, and the best experienced and efficient manpower.


Competitive Prices

We are distinguished by providing the best prices in the market with high quality, which are suitable for all projects.


Warranty and Maintenance

A full year warranty after installation on extensions and devices, with the necessary maintenance provided.


Certificate of Performing

We will extract for you a certificate of completion (extracting a police certificate) for the installation of CCTV cameras.


Types of CCTV cameras that we provide

Clouds era is considered the best CCTV camera company because of the excellent services it provides before and after the sale. It provides various types of CCTV cameras, which can be classified into 3 main categories:

Digital IP cameras

It is considered one of the most popular digital CCTV cameras because it sends digital signals directly to the NVR, and then the video can be viewed using an external device.

Dom CCTV cameras (Bullit Cameras)

It was given this name because of its bullet-like shape, as it is designed in a long cylindrical shape and is installed in a fixed direction.

Installing CCTV cameras (Dome cameras)

This camera bears a spherical shape installed on a circular base, and is considered more confidential than the previous camera, which reduces the possibility of tampering or sabotaging it.

Testimonials we proud of

تركيب سنترالات

“Specialized in installing and maintaining modern CCTV cameras, installing a fingerprint device, and installing telephone exchanges. As well as providing various network solutions. They have an integrated team that has the expertise that makes you trust the results you will get.”


Mohamed Hassan Executive Director of Al-Saeedi Foundation
تركيب سنترالات

“It was a wonderful experience with Clouds Era. You rarely find a team that understands what you want and implements it better than what you want.”

Fatima Abdel Razzak Director of Human Resources at the Arab Development Corporation
تركيب سنترالات

“Clouds era is one of the few institutions that are interested in being distinguished in their work. They are working on installing modern CCTV cameras, as well as installing an advanced fingerprint device, in addition to designing wired and wireless networks .. Thank you.”

Ahmed Hossam Marketing Manager at Miram Company

Our most prominent clients


Steps to provide the service

To provide the service of installing and maintaining CCTV cameras, we have to go through 4 steps:

Service Request

Here, the service is requested from the customer via the form below.


Visiting the location

Here the location is previewed by us to closely examine the requirements.


Presentation of the offer

Based on the customer’s requests and our visit to the site, we present our offer to the customer



After the client approves the offer and signs the contract, we start implementation.

Service request form

To obtain this service, please fill in the following fields:
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Personal Data :

Camera installation details :

Note: The annual maintenance cost for one camera is 150.

Annual maintenance contract for CCTV cameras :

Camera maintenance request :

*Note: The cost of review and issuance of a certificate of achievement is only 500 riyals.

Request for obtaining a certificate of completion for CCTV cameras :

Please send the following required documents :

Important | You can download the necessary documents from here:

1- Letter of Undertaking : Download

2- Letter of Authorization: Download

3- Administrative control letter : Download


*The purpose is to ensure the installation and activation of CCTV cameras

* Certified by the Chamber of Commerce

*Certified by the Chamber of Commerce

* Certified by the Chamber of Commerce

*The authorization shall be in the name of / Abbas Omar Badaoud, ID number 1006471203 (certified by the Chamber of Commerce)